CD,DVD Repacking Machine

High quality CD / DVD / XBOX 360 / PS3/ PS2 / Nintendo Wii game repackaging tool at a great price! Our machine makes your open box media items retail ready! By retail-ready we mean that your CD, DVD, video game cases will look just like the ones you can purchase from a local electronics store in brand new condition. What could you ask more from a packaging machine?

We have a manual CD / DVD repacking solution to make your open box DVD, CD and video games retail ready. If you cannot afford an expensive automated packing machine or your daily workload is not enough for an automated overwrap packing system, our Repack-it XL is the perfect solution! Our manual packaging system is provides an economical solution for short runs with CD and DVD Packaging. It makes your repacked used DVD, CD and video games better than others sellers' brand new products!

The great thing about Repack-it XL  CD overwrapping machine is that it allows anybody to create a professional, retail-ready CD, DVD or video game package from their own warehouse or office. Unlike shrink wrappers (heat gun, impulse shrink wrapping), our overwrapper doesn't leave dog ears, burnt corners and ugly edges.

On a positive note the Repack-it XL adjusts the surface temperature perfectly for the cellophane (polysheets) material. The chemical reaction is minimized all the way in the process which environmentally is much better than conventional, old shrink wrap solutions. Remember shrink wrap packaging causes dangerous fumes released into work environment. Chemicals found in fumes are linked to cancer, respiratory conditions, allergic reactions, reproductive disorders, and other serious health issues.

Our mission at is to help small and medium sized business creating a professional and affordable media packaging solution.